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Our Resturant Gudrun

Full board

The breakfast buffet is served between 8 o'clock 'til half past nine, and contains everything from porridge, sourmilk/yoghurt and cornflakes/müsli, to coffee, eggs, fruit and bread with ham, cheese, etc.

For lunch you make your own lunch packages from the breakfast buffet and fill up your thermos.


Dinner buffet is served 6 pm to 7.30 pm

and contains a salad table, main course, coffe/tea and dessert.



Our Restaurant is namned Gudrun after a Swedish comedy show which took place in a village that inofficially is said to be Storlien.

During high season, Gudrun provide our guests with everything from the breakfast buffét and brunch.


The winter season 2022:

Due to Covid, see moore info on our facebook

The summer season 2022: