Prices & Booking

Storliens Fjällgård

Our prices and booking opportunities

Here you'll find the prices on some of the services we offer.

We provide a range of different comfort levels and you decide  your price range. Contact us for more information and prices for children, other services and group bookings.


Twin room

from 300 kr/night

Twin room with private WC

from 425 kr/night

Triple room

from 525 kr/night

Quadruple room

from 625 kr/night

Quadruple room with  private WC

from  775 kr/night

Bed (shared room)

from 230 kr/night

The whole "Storstugan" (20 beds)

from 3.800 kr/2 nights

(We offer discounts if your group's planning on staying longer)

The whole little cottage "Torpet"

from 1100 kr/night

(We offer discounts when staying for several days/weeks)

Additional fee for guests without membership in STF or other Hostelling International club

50 kr/person and night

Some of our optional add ons

Breakfast, adult

from  90 kr/night

Full board, adult

from 395 kr/night

Bed linen & towel

100 kr

Room cleaning after check out

from  300 kr

Bathrobe, adult

95 kr